dear bey

Dear Bey,

My love for you may be laughable to some, but anyone who truly knows me knows that it is your life and legacy that has helped shape me into the woman that I am today.

Let’s be real. You know your haters and how they scoff when they hear of your fans’ reverence for you. In their minds, there are many more powerful women that I could instead admire. We know how people are. They often look down on those who admire celebrities. Why not idolize politicians instead? Or doctors? Even journalists. They think it impossible for celebrities to work hard-- but little do their asses know that you are not just your “regular” celebrity.

And let me just say...the truth is that I never saw myself in those types of people, not in the lawyers, doctors, or the journalists-- but I did always saw myself in your worth ethic, passion, and refusal to lose.

I saw a black woman who was strong yet soft. A woman who knew exactly what she wanted and knew that she had the power to get it. These were the characteristics that drove my fascination and admiration. They were the characteristics that I knew that I must acquire and hone if I, too, wanted to see success.

I have always been amazed by you, and I am happy that everyone finally witnessed your brilliance while watching your historical Coachella performance. Those who have long been fans of yours were already aware of the level of detail and attention you put into every single thing that you do. I remember watching footage of you fussing over the lighting at one of your performances. If you weren’t closely eyeing the lights, then it was the fans or the sound engineering. I remember you saying that you wanted to know how everything worked.

You needed to be knowledgeable of it all because it was this knowledge and control that would ultimately give you the power and prowess to reign supreme as an entertainer. In order to control your narrative, you needed to excel in it all.

To see a black woman wield so much power and exert that sort of creative control sparked something in me. You did not just simply find your place in this world-- you created it-- and in doing that, you showed me that it was possible for me to create mine, too. Because of you, I know that I am capable of becoming my wildest dreams. I know that nothing is unattainable unless God and the universe has simply decided that it is just not meant for me.

Beyoncé, your mastery of your craft did not just come from out of nowhere. You remained true to yourself and your dream-- and you put in the work necessary to see your dreams come to fruition. You never only show us just the glitz and glam. You always show us the drive and inner workings necessary to make our dreams come true. Beyoncé, you show us the blood, sweat, and tears.

You have taught me that it takes more than talent to make it. It takes your entire being.

And for that, I am thankful. Of course, you are not responsible for my success thus far, and I am not responsible for yours-- but it is because of the ground that I have witnessed you break that I have realized that there is no excuse for me to not go out there and break some on my own.

I love you forever.


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