speak yourself into existence

If there is anything that I have learned this year, it is the importance of wielding the power of speaking myself into existence. This theme has most specifically applied to my writing.

I’ll be honest and say that the lack of belief that I had in my passion has discouraged me from pursuing it. This combined with thoughts of oversaturation forced me to abandon my pen. I felt as though there was an abundance of writers that were writing about every topic imaginable. It was difficult for me to find my place and lane because I felt that there was simply no room.

My writing styles and techniques did not necessarily mirror that of the most talented writers that I admired or saw come across my computer screen. I didn’t measure up to their level of expertise. How could I possibly call myself a writer when there were actual people out there who had true gifts?

Eventually, this negative thinking helped writer’s block ensue. I tried to throw myself into lanes in which I did not belong. I betrayed my heart and tried to become more in tune with my mind. But eventually, I woke up. Nothing could satisfy my soul more than putting pen to paper. There was not one thing on earth that made me more eager than opening a blank Microsoft Word document and furiously typing away at my thoughts and feelings. I couldn’t just throw away something that was always apart of me.

We have to speak ourselves into existence if we want to live our truth. Deep down inside, you know who you are and what you are-- you just have to tune out the noise outside that is trying to convince you that you aren’t enough. You are whatever you say you are. 

I am a writer because I say that I am. I am a creator because I create-- not because I wait for the world to view me as a “creative.” 

I create my own narrative. I will not allow the world or society to become the narrator of my life. 

Just imagine who you could be in this world if you trusted the voice within when it tried to tell you who you are. 

Don’t talk about what you want to be, say what you are. Once you begin reminding yourself out loud and often, you will feel inclined to do the work that supports the dream. Your discouragement will begin to dissipate.

Speak yourself into existence.

Kibrett FaceyComment