breathe + enjoy life

Before the summer began, I had grandiose plans of productivity and betterment. I created a seemingly foolproof schedule for myself that would best maximize my time and keep me in tune with my passions and goals. Little did I know that once the summer actually began, I would stray far from my plan. Because of this, I’ve been spending this time before the semester begins feeling like somewhat of a failure. 

It is so easy to lose yourself and fall victim to the ramblings on social media that tell you that each moment should be spent working towards something. We get lost in this “motivation” and forget to enjoy ourselves. We are always working towards and in search of what is next-- but what about right now? Must we guilt ourselves out of enjoying our lives? Should we beating ourselves up for not spending each waking moment engaging in some sort of activity that will help us achieve our goals?

Fuck no. I’m tired of feeling guilty for sometimes waking up and not wanting to do anything at all. Who is to say that I can’t find inspiration from watching a reality TV show or scrolling through a decluttered Instagram feed? Who is to say that I don’t need rest? It is okay to tune out of productivity every now and then.

Right now, I am trying to teach myself that it is okay to ease into things. I am also trying to convince myself that it is okay to enjoy things in life for the sake of just enjoying them. Not everything has to be geared towards our betterment-- what about our happiness? Focus on joy, and not just outcome, babes. 

Remember that thing that you loved to do before social media told you that you could monetize it? Try to remember why you started to do it in the first place. And remember that sometimes, it is okay to wake up and not feel like doing that thing. 

(But you would be surprised how much more you gravitate towards it once you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place.)

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