#storytime no. 3: "is you is or is you ain't?"

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I tortured y'all, so I'ma make this one quick.

“Your girl just messaged me. If ya’ll don’t believe me then I can send you a picture of the test.”

So, I guess she didn’t want to meet me at Walmart. She was still unaware that I was the one messaging her from his Yahoo account, so I kept up the disguise and responded to the dummy.

“Send it,” I typed back.

About five to ten minutes passed, and she responded with a photo of a pregnancy test that was positive.

Now, I don’t know about you all, but my mother didn’t raise no dummy. Where there is a free and accessible resource, there I stand. I immediately saved the image onto my computer and typed in the URL for the reverse Google image search engine. I uploaded the photo and let the search imagine do its thing.

I sat eagerly as my eyes followed each turn of the spinning pinwheel. I hoped that the photo belonged to some site-- any site. Much to my satisfaction, there was a source.

The silly heaux stole the pregnancy test from a website. Did she think that we were dumb? (Well, he was but not I.) I snickered to myself and then copied the link into my response to her.

Would you believe that this girl denied the fact that she stole the image although I provided her with proof? She still insisted on being pregnant. Meanwhile, my only form of communication to my man at the time was through postal mail, so I had to let him know that way. Even though all of this was going down, I was still missing my "best friend" and my "life partner." Being young and dumb, I accepted his apology and stayed with him despite his transgression.


I did not yet know that forgiveness did not have to satisfy an offender’s wishes; it just had to bring me peace.

During the time that we spent together and even after, he (allegedly) never really heard from her again except for once...when she called him from a random number and said that she was with their child and needed financial assistance.

But at that point...

Not my nigga?

Not my problem.

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