we are burning.

It is 2015, and we are still burning.

Seven Negro churches burned down.

Nine Negroes massacred in their sanctuary. 

Hundreds of Negroes protesting, rioting, suffocating. 

Suffocating because we are still burning.


Republicans against the flying of the Confederate flag.

A Negro woman promoted to Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theater.

They say these things should be like a breath of fresh air.

They should help me breathe.

But it is 2015, and we are still burning.


Dontre Hamilton. Eric Garner. John Crawford lll.

Mike Brown Jr. Ezell Ford. Dante Parker.

Akai Gurley. Tamir Rice. Rumain Brisbon.

Jerame Reid. Tony Robinson. Phillip White.

Eric Harris. Walter Scott. Freddie Gray. 

Unarmed Negro men that were murdered by the hand of institutionalized racism. 


"They should have just obeyed the officers!"

"They shouldn't have been hanging around like thugs!"

"Police officers kill white people, too!"

"Respect our officers. They are here to serve and protect!"

It is 2015, and we are still burning.


I cannot stand to burn any longer.

I cannot stand to suffocate any longer.

But the smoke is getting heavier.

It hurts.

It hurts to know that someday I will have to bring a little Negro child into an already burning world.