4 makeup hacks for oily skin.

What’s up, ya’ll? So last week, I gave you all a very quick lesson about oily skin and a few quick tips on how you could combat the overproduction of oils. If you missed that post, you can give it a quick glance by clicking HERE. At the end of my post, I asked if you all wanted some quick makeup hacks to help tame your oily skin, and many of you said “yes!” So in an effort to deliver, let’s jump straight into it.

  1. MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN. We talked about this in my previous post. You need to make sure that you are moisturizing your skin so that it doesn’t freak out and jump into overdrive after you’ve beat your face and are out having a great time. Don’t be out there lookin’ foolish with a melted face! Wash your face, moisturize that bitch, and maybe even rub a couple drops of pure vitamin e oil in afterwards. Your skin (and future you looking back on photos from that day) will THANK you!  (Do not use any of those quick fix products that aren’t supposed to go on your skin. I see y’all with those bottles of Milk of Magnesia! You not slick, chile!)

  2. HYALURONIC ACID! Look, let me tell you how much my oily skin LOVES me for introducing some hydration into the mix. I know that I said that I would discuss makeup hacks, but the truth is that an exceptional skincare routine begets an exceptional makeup LEWK! Hyaluronic Acid is the key to hydrated, beautiful, supple skin. Remember when we briefly discussed hydration being key for oily skin? USE IT!

  3. SET. IT. OFF. Okay, so the tea is that you need to set your makeup-- not only with setting spray but also with powders. After I’ve applied moisturizer and vitamin e oil (I actually don’t use primer because my skincare routine suffices), I usually get a dampened beauty blender (using a sponge is important!) and press setting powder (I usually blow the excess off of the sponge) into my skin before I put on foundation. Next, I apply my foundation and then set it again. I go between banana powder and translucent powder-- it’s really whatever I’m feeling at the moment. After that I apply my concealer under my eyes as well as my cream contour. Then I set my concealer with powder yet again, and I also use a dark tinted setting powder for my contour. Yes, it seems annoying and tedious, but be lazy and greasy if you would like. After I’ve done all of that, I go in with setting spray, fan it completely dry, and sometimes go in with the setting spray again.

  4. T-ZONE TROUBLES? Use an eyeshadow primer here before you put makeup on! This will help you combat the shine. It creates a matte, sticky base for your foundation to stick right onto!

I hope that some of these tips have helped you! If you have any other hacks that you’ve grown to love, share them with us. Coming soon will be a look into my skincare routine!

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