so you want a glo' face?

After years of being begged to begin beauty blogging/vlogging, I'm finally starting to listen. I've always feared offering up my advice and suggestions because I'm no professional, and I only know what works for me, but hey, maybe there are men and womyn out there that will find the information that I have to offer quite useful.

So firstly: SKIN IS THE FOUNDATION. Over the past few months, I've realized just how important taking care of your skin is. Make-up application improves, your confidence is just oozin', and you just begin to have a glow that everyone notices.

I've always had regular degular oily ass skin-- combo/oily, to be specific. I had acne for days, huge pores for days, and enough oil forming on my forehead to fry up a couple Popeyes five pieces. I fell asleep in my make-up sometimes, didn't wash my face consistently, but had the audacity to beat my face every morning without caring for the skin it was layered on top of. 

Since the Winter, I've been able to start a bit of a regimen that has showed me some pretty great results. And this is coming from someone who has little to no patience and sucks at sticking with regimens. But let's jump in! **BY THE WAY I DON'T USE FANCY SHMANCY PRODUCTS, ALL OF THESE THINGS CAN BE PURCHASED FROM YOUR LOCAL DRUG STORE OR VITAMIN STORE. 



After a long day, there's no better feeling than grabbing a cotton pad, dipping it into my coconut oil, and lightly removing my make-up. Coconut oil is amazing for your skin because of the saturated fats, capric/caprylic/lauric acid, vitamin E, and proteins it contains. It keeps your skin moisturized, serves as an anti-aging cream, and can even out your tone while minimizing your pores. I definitely recommend leaving it on for a few seconds after putting a layer on your face and then working it off with a cotton pad. So much better than buying an expensive make-up remover AND you can also use it to pre-poo your hair, moisturize your skin, moisturize your lips, cook, etc. 


Pear soap is something that my mother has been using since her days in Jamaica. It cleanses, rejuvenates, and seems to work in preventing my acne. Not sure about the scientific component of it, but I do know that it is very gentle. I use it twice a day and always after I remove my make-up with coconut oil. Pear soap is a bit more difficult to find, so I would suggest your local Bed, Bath & Beyond or Amazon. 


I don't know what type of plugs you're used to, but this exfoliating scrub right here is the ultimate plug. It had truly done an amazing job in clearing up some of my blemishes, and it smells amazing! Since my skin is super oily, sometimes I use it twice a day. I either use it in place of my Pear soap in the mornings or right after I wash my face once with the Pear soap following my make-up removal. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft! 


This stuff right here. Lawwwwwd! I use a cotton pad to dab this onto my freshly cleaned skin every night. It works amazingly as a toner. It also minimized pores. It fights acne, helps fight against puffy eyes, tackles varicose veins, heals bruises, refreshes your skin, and so much more. I've noticed that sometimes it could dry out my skin, but that's when...


...I use Vitamin E Oil! Vitamin E Oil has also been the plug. If you can't get ahold of it in liquid form, go ahead and burst any capsules you may have and use the liquid from that. Let me tell you, I was skeptical as hell at first. Since I had really oily skin, I didn't want to go out of my way to rub more oil into it. My results have alleviated all of my fears. I usually rub this baby into my skin right after I've washed and toned. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is super soft! Like baby butt soft! Vitamin E oil is really good for moisture AND anti-aging. I also feel like it's played a role in keeping my skin pretty glowy. 


This little baby right here is super cheap! I couldn't ball out on a Clarisonic, so I got this from Wal-Mart, and it works amazingly for me. I think it may have been between $10 and $20 dollars. The brush is great and exfoliating, and my skin feels super clean after I use it. It definitely keeps away the acne as well. I usually use it two or three times a week in place of one of my regular cleansing items. 


This facial mask is amazing. I use it 1-2 times a week, and it does a great job of absorbing any excess oil and fighting acne. Anything with african black soap is usually amazing. I would advise ensuring that your skin is completely clean before application because this sucker can burn! If you feel any burn afterwards, apply some of that Vitamin E oil, and you'll be good to go. 

I hope that this blog helps someone! Any questions? Ask below or shoot me an e-mail at Please let me know what else you guys want to see! I'm considering a post about my favorite make-up products right now. 

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