seven deadly songz: k-nasty's v-day songz

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Happy Valentine's Day, shawties! Now, I could give you a long blog post about relationships (or the lack of one) but instead I'm going to share a few throwback songs that might help you end ya Valentine's night on a great note.  

1. "You" by Plies feat. Tank

2. "Bedroom Boom" by Ying Yang Twins feat. Avant

3.  "Put it Down" by T-Pain

4. "Playhouse" by Pretty Ricky

5. "Shawty (Remix)" by Plies feat. Trey Songz & Pleasure

6. "Mirror" by Ne-Yo

7. "All the Time" by Jeremih

If these songs don't get you ready to start making some Scorpio babies then I don't know what will! What are some of your fave nasty songs? Sound off below!


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